Why Isolated Ground Technology

Modern commercial vehicles must power a variety of advanced electrical systems, which creates more opportunity for electrical noise and potentially severe electrolytic damage in the engine block. Leece-Neville IdlePro™ and IdlePro Extreme™ heavy duty alternators feature Prestolite’s Isolated Ground Technology, designed to eliminate stray voltage. Learn more by watching the latest video from Prestolite!


Reviewing Remote Sense and Other Posts

Ever wonder what all the posts on the back of an alternator are for? Watch this video to learn more about Remote Sense, W and S Terminals, lamp drivers, ignition excite and self excite.


Alternator Pad Mount Differences

Learn about the different configurations for pad mount alternators!


Brush Change Procedure 2500 2800 4000 Series Alternators

Educational video about changing the brushes on a 4000 series alternator.